Battarix ME Review: This portable battery keeps your dying smartphone alive

The so-called “Switch to low battery mode” feature in smartphones is a handy one. It can be a life-saver in situations when you need to make an important call, but your phone’s battery is constantly losing juice.

I hate to see my phone’s battery in red. But what I hate even more is to switch to this annoying mode that adds a few more minutes to the battery life at the expense of all my favourite activities on my phone.

What if you have access to some sort of a portable power supply that can keep your phone alive for hours, and you don’t have to worry about its ever-dwindling battery?

Forget bulky power banks, and meet Battarix ME – a light-weight disposable emergency battery for smartphones that easily fits inside your wallet.

Battarix ME was an absolute surprise package when I first got my hands on it. Looking at its ultra slim size, I doubted whether it would ever be able to handle the 5000mAh battery in my smartphone.

But it exceeded my expectations. Let me share my experience with this small stylish gadget.

Battarix ME
Battarix ME is a slim and lightweight disposable emergency battery for your smartphone.

Battarix ME Review: What I like

Each Battarix ME weighs just 17 grams and is only 3 millimetres thin. Despite this slender form factor, it packs 750mAh of power which, according to the company, can give you up to 3 hours of talk time.

Users, however, are recommended to use Battarix ME when the battery life on their phone is down to 5 percent or below.

I received 3 Battarix ME units for testing. And each of them gave me talk time of approximately 2.5 hours during the review period.

Am I satisfied with it? Yes, I am. Because even if I’m on-the-go, those 2.5 hours were more than enough for me to get hold of the mobile charger and find a plug point.

The battery is equipped with a micro USB port, which is compatible with all android smartphones. The pack also includes a Type C and an adapter for the iPhone to make sure that “no one is left out.”

It’s also super easy to use. You just need to pull out the USB port and plug it to your phone.

Each Battarix ME unit comes with a sticker. Just peel the paper backing, stick it to the back of your phone and you are good to go.

The company claims that the shelf life of each battery is 10 years. The units that I received for review were produced in December 2016. So they came with a “best before 2026” tag.

Battarix ME Review: What I don’t like

I have only one major issue with Battarix ME, and another minor one.

Battarix ME is not recommended to be re-used. It’s designed for a single use, and you need to dispose of the battery once you are done with it.

Battarix ME is available in packs of 3, 5 and 30 for Rs. 799, Rs. 1,249 and Rs. 7,999, respectively. It obviously doesn’t come cheap, and I dare to question its practicality.

Battarix ME
Battarix ME doesn’t come cheap.

But, that’s still may not be a deal-breaker for many. As the company says, Battarix ME is for emergencies that can’t be planned for.

Fair enough. But are you really willing to keep one such battery inside your wallet at all times to avoid such emergencies?

Ask yourself. If you do, Battarix ME is certainly meant for you.

The more minor issue is that Battarix ME gets warm during usage. According to the company, “this is normal.” For me, it’s slightly uncomfortable.

Since the battery sticks to the back of your phone, you need to hold it too while talking, no matter how hot it is. (I don’t use my earphones much to talk over phone. Do you?)

But, that’s a niche issue. For many, it won’t be more than just a thing.

Battarix ME Review: The bottom line

Battarix ME
Battarix ME is one of a kind. But are you ready for it?

To be honest, Battarix ME is unique. It’s a result of smart thinking, which addresses one of the most common issues smartphone users face every other day.

The device is remarkably lightweight, and is more than competent to let you complete that important call that would otherwise be totally at the mercy of the dying battery of your phone.

But everything boils down to one key question: Will you prefer a disposable emergency battery over a power bank if you really care about your low-battery anxiety?

When it comes to performance, Battarix ME won’t disappoint you. If price isn’t a concern, but carrying and using a cumbersome power bank is, you’ll be happy with Battarix ME.

Battarix ME

₹799 for pack of three








  • Slim form factor
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Meant for single use only
  • Gets warm quickly
  • A bit expensive
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