Top 5 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a killer gaming device

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the company’s latest flagship device, is inarguably a perfect blend of speed, power and performance. Packed with top-notch software and hardware, the handset is claimed to take both mobile productivity and mobile gaming to the next level.

According to Samsung, mobile gamers always want their device to be equipped with reliable hardware and software. And, the new Galaxy Note 9 is obviously not an exception.

In a blog post, Samsung has explained the innovative technologies it used to make gaming on the Galaxy Note 9 so much fun.

Galaxy Note 9 features
Samsung explains why the new Galaxy Note 9 is a next-level gaming device.

10-nanometer processor

Samsung optimised the Galaxy Note 9 with a 10-nanometer processor that is capable of handling graphics-intensive games with ease.

The technology has allowed the phone to provide 33 and 23 percent better CPU and GPU performance than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8.

AI-based algorithm

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with an artificial intelligence-based performance-adjusting algorithm. This algorithm regularly monitors the device’s heat and performance, and supports up to 40 percent more stable FPS (frames per second) when gaming.

Galaxy Note 9 AI
An AI-based algorithm enhances the Galaxy Note 9’s gaming performance.

“Thanks to machine-learning technology, the device can predict a change in temperature before it occurs and adjust the CPU and GPU, before a drop in FPS occurs,” Samsung said.

Cool and composed

The Galaxy Note 9 lets gamers play graphics-intensive games for long period of time without placing any deal of strain on the phone’s CPU and GPU.

What makes the device perform at its maximum level throughout gaming is a faster more efficient Water Carbon Cooling system than previous generations.

The Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a new cooling system.

The system comes with a heat pipe, or “thermal spreader,” which is three times larger than that of the Galaxy Note 8, and dissipates heat more effectively.

Enhanced Game Launcher

The Galaxy Note 9’s Game Launcher allows users to customise performance settings for individual games. Users can specify the frame rate, resolution and battery usage level for each game in their collection.

Galaxy Note9 game launcher
The improved Game Launcher gives users some useful customisation opportunities.

In addition, Samsung has also added pop-up window function to the launcher that allows players to launch certain apps during gameplay. For example, users can look for winning tips and tricks on YouTube or share game information online while playing a game.

Powerful battery

The Galaxy Note 9’s 4,000mAh battery is the largest on any flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone ever.

Galaxy Note 9 battery
The Galaxy Note 9 features a 4,000mAh battery.

The company claims that the battery is well-suited for graphics-intensive games whose visuals can drain a battery quite quickly.

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